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Missy and Juno

Status Update 7/10/2011

Missy and Juno are two of our special dogs that stayed on the reservation. They have a wonderful home with an older man that also has 2 cats - making up a happy outgoing animal family. Missy's injuries have healed perfectly, and she has again become the leader of the pack. She has a golden retriever personality and Juno adores her and follows her every movement - inside and outside. Juno walked out of the woods one day a puppy and decided Missy was his mother. Because of his mange, his eyes still matt up (but not quite as much) and MIssy cleans them several times a day. We suspect Juno is part wolf - explaining why he is not social - except with the owner. There were wolfs introduced within 2 miles of the home. It would not be possible to take Juno to a vet unless he was tranquilized so we had a vet come to him - but is unable to draw blood, etc. The coat has improved, but not suficiently. He is on his third month of the strong medicine needed. We inject the medicine into a meatball to get him to take it. Some dogs have taken 6 months to heal from a prolonged case of mange. However we are starting a diet of food for dogs with severe skin allergies.  We will keep you updated. 

Status Update 3/23/2011

Juno will be starting an intense treatment for mange, it is dangerous because he is Heartworm positive.  Missy has had her mange cleared up but is still undergoing treatment for heartworm.

Status Update 11/4/2010

Both dogs are doing much better, but are still battling with mange. We are keeping their treatments going, and thanks to everyone who took the time to send in a donation, it is greatly appreciated. Please check back soon and we will keep you updated.

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